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Hidamari Sketch 08

Hidamari Sketch 08 includes the Hidamari residents and, briefly, Yoshinoya. The episode focuses on their day off from school in early spring.

Scene 1: 00:12 - 00:28
C: Yu

Yuno reluctantly wakes up. A quick intro scene, with no yuri to analyze. 0.

Scene 2: 02:05 - 02:26
C: Yu
Yuno attempts to draw but is unsatisfied with her results. Her subjects, flowers and a bird, are feminine but not in themselves yuri. Another 0.

Scene 3: 02:26 - 04:42
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako joins Yuno in drawing and then the two are invited to Sae’s apartment. This scene gives Miyako very strong yurilevel readings from visiting Yuno on their day off, sympathizing with and encouraging Yuno in their drawing, and especially from looking up Yuno’s dress and noting the beauty of her panties. Yuno, meanwhile, is shown to have a significant change of mood when Miyako shows up, from discouraged to elated, and alongside her embarrassment at Miyako seeing her panties (considering that this reaction is similar to how characters in harems react when the MC sees a panty shot), she gets yurilevels too, but not as strongly. Overall, Miyako has 4 while Yuno has 2.

Scene 4: 04:42 - 06:53
C: Yu, Mi, Sa

Sae lets Yuno and Miyako in through her rear entrance and laments her missed deadline. Yuno and Miyako get significant yurilevels early on for hugging, but the rest of the scene is focused on them trying to help Sae, so that’s their only notable moment in this scene. The other yurilevels in this scene go to Sae, who claims that she only writes what she experienced before. Since previous episodes and later scenes in this episode show she’s a romance writer, it’s suggested that she has experience romance. From her overreaction to Yuno and Miyako’s statements about her love life (which slightly increases their yurilevels) and her obviously-false insistence that she had eight boyfriends in middle school, it can be concluded that she’s probably never had a boyfriend at all. What, then, is she drawing on for her romance writing? Implications abound. Miyako and Yuno get 3 each, Sae gets 4.

Scene 5: 06:56 - 07:21
C: Yu, Mi

Yuno and Miyako go to the convenience store. Nothing noticeably yuri, since this scene mostly sets up for another kanji pun at the end. 0s to both.

Scene 6: 07:27 - 07:36
C: Yu, Mi
Yuno and Miyako head back home and stop outside a bookstore. Nothing yuri here aside from a brief appreciation of Sae’s finance skills. 0s for both.

Scene 7: 07:37 - 08:36
C: Yu, Mi
Yuno and Miyako read one of Sae’s stories. The characters of Yuka and Mika are probably inspired by Yuno and Miyako based on their names, and the story gives them a sisterly relationship. If the in-universe romance writer is reading this close into Yuno and Miyako's friendship, who are we to argue? 2 to each.

Scene 8: 08:36 - 09:35
C: Yu, Mi, Hi
Yuno and Miyako run into Hiro as they go back to Hidamari Apartments. Hiro is again presented as a nurturing wife-like character for Sae and reveals deep knowledge of her that the other characters don’t have, giving her a definite 3. Yuno and Miyako’s reactions only serve to reinforce this side of Hiro, so their yurilevels are insignficant here, staying at 0.

Scene 9: 09:35 - 09:48
C: Yu, Mi, Hi
Yuno, Miyako, and Hiro find Sae asleep and leave their food in her apartment for her. Again Hiro shows that she’s familiar enough with Sae to know exactly how to respond when she’s overworking herself. It’s not as strong as the last scene, capping her at 2.

Scene 10: 09:50 - 11:53
C: Yu, Mi, Hi
Yuno, Miyako, and Hiro gather in Hiro’s room. Hiro’s concern for Sae and continued display of intimacy give her high yurilevels here. Yuno displays some respect and admiration for Sae, giving her slightly less. Miyako is too focused on curry and other foodstuffs to warrant attention here. Hiro with 2, Yuno with 1, Miyako with 0.

Scene 11: 12:00 - 12:28
C: Yu
Yuno heads outside to sketch Hidamari. A quick scene with no significant yuri, and a 0 for Yuno.

Scene 12: 12:28 - 14:51
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako joins Yuno and the two spend time together. There’s lots of low-level friendly yuri spread throughout the scene, much of it on Miyako’s part, with her bringing Yuno a knee cover and insisting on staying with her despite the cold. Yuno acts as the recipient here and gets most of her yurilevels that way, getting some extra for offering to share drinks and candy with Miyako. They end up at about the same level for the scene, a 2.

Scene 13: 14:51 - 16:40
C: Yu, Mi, Yo

Yoshinoya visits Yuno and Miyako and offers to model for them. She’s not explicitly making propositions to Yuno, but she does make a few mildly suggestive poses, getting her a 1. Yuno’s response isn’t enthusiastic, and Miyako’s purpose in the scene is for comedy, not yuri, so neither of them get yurilevels.

Scene 14: 16:45 - 17:32
C: Yu, Mi
With Yoshinoya having left, Yuno and Miyako go back to relaxing together. Miyako does her best to cheer up Yuno when she begins another of her depressive spirals, and it’s not entirely unsuccessful, so both get a 1 for this scene.

Scene 15: 17:35 - 18:16
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Yuno, Miyako, and Hiro visit Sae again. Hiro and Sae are very obviously romantic in this scene, with Hiro giving Sae a blanket and resting her head on her lap, and it’s even joked about in the scene with Yuno innocently giving Hiro an ear pick to use (ear cleaning is frequently used in anime to show that two characters have an intimate, warm relationship). Sae and Hiro get 4s, Yuno’s reading of the scene as yuri gets her a 2 (no higher, since she’s correct), and Miyako, who doesn’t feature heavily in this scene, has a 0.

Scene 16: 18:19 - 18:29
C: Yu
Yuno finishes coloring her Hidamari sketch. No yuri to comment on.

Scene 17: 18:29 - 18:55
C: Yu, Mi
A flashback showing Yuno following Miyako’s example of jumping off the balcony. Yuno very clearly is afraid and doesn’t want to do it, but Miyako’s reassurance is enough to convince her, showing that she trusts Miyako very much. Miyako’s encouragement gives her a 1, while Yuno gets a 2.

Scene 18: 18:55 - 19:08
C: Yu

Yuno is embarrassed at the memory in Scene 17. Her desire for the others to keep a positive image of her could loosely be interpreted as yuri, but could more easily be seen as a desire to not do something embarrassing in front of her friends, which gives her a 1.

Scene 19: 19:09 - 20:48
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris celebrate Sae finishing her new story. As Hiro reveals (getting both her and Sae yurilevels since it’s also a display of their close relationship), the story is about two high schoolers living in the same apartment who fall in love--not exactly subtle. Sae’s overreaction conveys that she’s embarrassed for the others to hear it, possibly because of how thinly-veiled it is, and she again makes up claims about her romantic prowess that further show how little real experience she has with men. Sae gets a 4, Hiro gets a 2, and since Yuno and Miyako are there to move things along and don’t get much focus, they each have 0.

Scene 20: 20:48 - 21:10
C: Yu, Mi

Yuno wonders aloud to Miyako if they’ll ever have the same sort of bond Sae and Hiro do. Coming at the end of an episode surrounding the nearly-canonical relationship between Sae and Hiro, Miyako’s comment that she’s “always looking for people who can make [her] meals” and the two’s spontaneous hand-holding at the end of the scene make Yuno’s question less of a casual thought and more a step away from a marriage proposal. A solid 4 for each.

Scene 21: 21:38 -21:42
C: Mi

Miyako puts newly-acquired seafood in her fridge. No yuri to be seen here, so a 0 for her. In the whole episode, this is the only scene that doesn’t include Yuno.

Scene 22: 21:42 - 22:01
C: Yu
Yuno thinks about Miyako in the bath. Her warm thoughts of Miyako and conclusion that they are indeed as close as Hiro and Sae gives her roughly a 3 here, since it’s still within the realm of friendly.

Final Yurilevel Readings: (both Aokis and Umes are out of 4):
Episode: 1.7848A

  1. Sae: 4.000U
  2. Hiro: 2.420U
  3. Miyako: 1.576U
  4. Yuno: 1.323U
  5. Yoshinoya: 1.000U

Sweet Jesus, it’s a perfect 4.000. While this was a very yuri-heavy episode (particularly in comparison with the previous one, when Yoshinoya’s 1.000 would have tied her for the most yuri) and there was especially blatant teasing between Sae and Hiro, I did not expect the investigation to turn up a 4.000 until at least xHoshimittsu, if at all. It helps that Sae was out of action for most of the episode, turning up in only three scenes and having a very low scene time of 271 seconds, and when she did appear there was little question that what was on screen was more than friendship, especially towards Hiro, who climbed over 2 Umes for the episode also partly as a result of low scene time. Yuno appeared in all but one scene in this episode, so while she also had quite high yurilevels in individual scenes, they were cancelled out by other yuri-less scenes; the same thing happened to Miyako but her yuri was more pronounced and in longer scenes so it didn’t affect her as significantly. Still, a 4.000. Maybe Hidamari Sketch was always this gay and nobody ever noticed until now?

Further analysis will continue with Hidamari Sketch 09.

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