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Hidamari Sketch 04

Hidamari Sketch 04 includes the four residents of Hidamari Apartments and Yoshinoya. The first part focuses on Yuno and Miyako finding a jizou statue during an outdoor drawing class, and the second part focuses on the Hidamari residents at a karaoke box.

Scene 1: 00:13 - 00:34
C: Yu
Yuno wakes up and puts her blanket on the balcony railing to dry. Nothing yuri to note, 0.

Scene 2: 00:34 - 00:58
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako greets Yuno and hangs up fish to dry, launching a whirlwind of kanji puns. Nothing is said or done to suggest yuri, but Miyako’s outfit (hoodie and sweatpants) is at least a little lesbian. She gets a 1.

Scene 3: 02:33 - 02:58
C: Yu
Yuno loses track of the time while eating breakfast, puts on her school uniform, and checks her mailbox outside. The first part of an episode (at least so far in the investigation) rarely has noticeable yuri, and this scene is no exception.

Scene 4: 02:58 - 03:13
C: Yo
Yoshinoya convenes the outdoor drawing class. This is an exposition scene, as shown by Yoshinoya actually acting somewhat like a teacher. There’s no yuri to be had by doing so, so she gets a 0.

Scene 5: 03:13 - 03:37
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako tells Yuno that she feels sick and asks her to pay attention to the teacher. Entrusting Yuno to keep track of things for her shows a close bond of trust between them, but Yuno’s muted response negates it on her end. Miyako with 1Y for the scene, Yuno with 0Y.

Scene 6: 03:37 - 03:58
C: Yu, Yo
Yoshinoya gives further instructions and overreacts to a question by Yuno. When asked about motifs that can be drawn, Yoshinoya is quick to embarrassedly clarify that nude motifs are not allowed: a lewd interpretation of Yuno’s question, but since she makes no distinction between male nude motifs and female nude motifs it can’t be confirmed for yuri. If it was, the implication that Yoshinoya frequently searches for and draws female nudes would be a high 3 or low 4, so here I decided to split the difference and award her a 2.

Scene 7: 03:58 - 04:19
C: Mi, Yo

Miyako asks Yoshinoya if she can go home. Yoshinoya insists she should go to the nurse, but it’s more from the position of a teacher and less from concern for Miyako. Both get 0s.

Scene 8: 04:20 - 06:01
C: Yu
Yuno looks for a motif to draw, stumbles into two classmates, and finds a jizou statue in a bamboo thicket. The classmates, being one-off characters, aren’t included in this investigation. When they appear and seem embarrassed for being found, Yuno blushingly jumps to the assumption that they are dating, and implicitly that they were in the bamboo to be alone (for unspecified but easily-inferred reasons). After she’s told she’s wrong, she’s confused about what they could have been doing, suggesting “they must be dating” was the only reason she could imagine for two girls to be somewhere quiet. Is she drawing this conclusion off her own thoughts and experiences? It does come off as a “pot calling the kettle lesbian” type of scene, landing somewhere between a 3 and a 4; I rounded up to a 4.

Scene 9: 06:02 - 06:43
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako, feeling better after resting, finds Yuno and entreats the jizou statue for gifts. A gag scene for Miyako, with neither character earning yurilevels.

Scene 10: 06:44 - 07:21
C: Yu, Mi, Hi
Sae hits Miyako with a tennis ball and goes over to apologize. No characters do anything with subtext to read into, mostly exchanging niceties with each other. They all get 0s.

Scene 11: 07:25 - 08:28
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Sae joins the others and they discuss the statue, and there is discussion of Sae’s tennis skills. It’s tricky to interpret, but Hiro seems to be complimenting Sae’s tennis skills, giving her yurilevels. Miyako’s response, to call Sae a boy, is similarly odd but more unambiguously not yuri, and overall she has a 0 for the scene. Sae pulls Hiro away, displaying the sort of closeness that warrants a 1, and Hiro seems pleased with it, increasing her yurilevels for the scene to a total of 2.

Scene 12: 08:32 - 09:22
C: Yu, Mi
Yuno receives a package of produce from her parents that includes a caterpillar in it and Miyako finds the fish she was drying are missing. No yuri to comment on, both have 0s.

Scene 13: 09:22 - 10:36
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Yuno and Miyako bring Hiro vegetables only to find her in another state of despair over her weight. This scene shows that Hiro’s response to upsetting events (such as a child calling her fat) is to comfort herself in Sae’s body, not necessarily romantically but still earning her a 2. Sae’s minimal resistance drops her to a 1.

Scene 14: 10:42 - 13:45
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris go to the karaoke box and Hiro and Sae sing. Sae’s explanation of why Hiro is upset reinforces that there is a close relationship of trust between the two (one that Sae has repeatedly violated by now), and Hiro again grabs Sae to calm herself down. They also both sing what seem to be love songs and encourage each other as they perform, with Sae even getting flustered from the praise Hiro gives her, and Sae says they go to do karaoke together “from time to time”. Miyako also compliments and encourages Hiro, but not to as great an extent. Overall, Sae and Hiro both get 3, Miyako gets 1, and Yuno, being mostly inactive and yuri-free in this scene, gets 0.

Scene 15: 13:45 - 14:13
C: Yu, Mi, Hi
After Sae leaves, Yuno and Miyako look for songs to sing. There’s nothing to suggest any romantic feelings or yuri between anyone in this scene, so 0s all around.

Scene 16: 14:14 - 14:35
C: Mi, Yo
In a flashback, Yoshinoya reveals that she made the jizou statue. Yoshinoya says that the statue (representing a figure that is ostensibly male) has beauty, preventing her from receiving any yurilevels. Miyako is a bit player and Yuno, though visible, does not propel the scene forward in any way, and they get 0s as well.

Scene 17: 14:36 - 15:08
C: Yu, Mi, Hi
Miyako, and Hiro speculate over Yoshinoya’s age and Yuno says she saw Sae going to visit the jizou statue. Yuno doesn’t state if it was coincidental, but since it likely was she doesn’t get yurilevels for it. For the lack of subtext in the rest of the scene, everyone ends up with a 0.

Scene 18: 15:08 - 15:16
C: Sa, Yo
While walking back to the karaoke box, Sae sees Yoshinoya in a karaoke room. She peers inside, but it’s more likely that it’s because she personally knows Yoshinoya than because she’s trawling for women. Consequently I decided not to award her yurilevels. Yoshinoya doesn’t do anything yuri either, so she also has a 0.

Scene 19: 15:16 - 20:15
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Sae returns to the karaoke box and reveals the legend of the jizou statue, and then Yuno, Miyako, and Hiro sing. There are several significant moments of yuri in this scene from the characters. For Sae, her admission to seeking larger breasts from the jizou statue can be interpreted as a simple statement of insecurity over her flat chest or as a desire to fulfill the desires of those around her (likely Hiro but possibly just society in general). We’ll go with the Hiro interpretation and give her a 3. Hiro has surprising little yuri here, getting at most a 1 for her relieved reaction to Sae’s revelation. Yuno and Miyako both stare at Hiro’s behind for a considerable time, raising their yurilevels. Miyako goes an extra step and speculates which part of Hiro was called “fluffy” by the little girl, considering as possibilities her upper arm, her shoulders, and her breasts. The order she places these body parts in resembles the order in which a lover would touch during foreplay, and assuming this is intentional the parallelism increases Miyako’s yurilevels considerably and giving her a total of 4 for the scene. Yuno also gets additional, but minor, yurilevels for praising Miyako’s singing, raising her to a 3.

Scene 20: 20:20 - 20:58
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi

The four walk home, running into the little girl Hiro saw earlier. Since she’s another one-off character, the little girl isn’t included in this investigation either. Another scene with nothing yuri to discuss.

Scene 21: 21:00 - 21:20
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Hiro finds her package of diet jelly and Sae reminds Yuno of the blanket on her balcony. Hiro’s rejection of Miyako’s request to have some of the jelly might count as teasing, but probably isn’t, and since that’s the line that could have been possible yuri, everyone stays at 0.

Scene 22: 21:22 - 21:32
C: Yu
Yuno retrieves the blanket from her balcony. It’s such a short scene that it’s expected Yuno wouldn’t have any yuri subtext here. 0.

Scene 23: 21:34 - 21:45
C: Hi
Hiro finds she gained weight despite going to the karaoke box. In this investigation, it’s assumed that Hiro is attempting to lose weight for her own reasons (her health, low self-esteem, undiagnosed and uncontrolled eating disorder that is tolerated and encouraged by those around her who are supposedly her friends, etc.) rather than to meet Sae’s expectations. This is important because it keeps from inflating Hiro’s yurilevels considerably, especially early in the series when the characters are still developing and Hiro’s appearances center around her weight issues more. She gets a 0 for the scene as a result of this assumption.

Scene 24: 21:46 - 22:07
C: Yu, Mi
During her nightly bath, Yuno overhears Miyako singing and joins her. Not especially yuri, but since it’s a love song, they each get 1.

Final Yurilevel Readings: (both Aokis and Umes are out of 4)
Episode: 1.4438A

  1. Sae: 2.310U
  2. Miyako: 1.483U
  3. Hiro: 1.429U
  4. Yuno: 1.188U
  5. Yoshinoya: 0.488U

A substantial increase in yurilevels both on an individual level and as an episode, caused mostly by the high yuri content in the longer scenes. Between them, Scenes 14 and 19 take up 40% of the total scene time, and each have high yurilevels for the characters involved. Yuno in particular is weighted by her 4 in Scene 8, pushing her above 1 Ume for the first time in the investigation. As a side note, all four Hidamaris ended up with a total of 8Y across all their scenes. It doesn’t add anything to the analysis, but I thought it was an amusing bit of trivia.

Further analysis will continue with Hidamari Sketch episode 5.

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