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Hidamari Sketch 05

Hidamari Sketch 05 includes the four Hidamari residents and Yoshinoya, and introduces the school nurse Kuwahara, and Sae’s younger sister, Chika. The episode surrounds Yuno coming down a fever and the attempts by the other characters to help her get well.

Scene 1: 00:23 - 01:12
C: Yu
Yuno dreams she is in a very snowy area and that Miyako is trying to get her to come to school, then wakes up. Many of the scenes in this episode are Yuno’s dreams, and for the purposes of this investigation the only character tracked in these scenes are Yuno herself. Other characters appear in her dreams, but they are only the representations of the characters that exist in Yuno’s mind. As such, while they do not get yurilevels for these sequences, Yuno’s yurilevels will be affected by how other characters are portrayed. Here, for instance, Miyako appears in her dream, saying the same lines she is later shown to be saying in real life. She is unseen, only represented as a shadow cast over Yuno, an off-setting image that is amplified when the dream world begins to fragment after her second line. These portrayals of Miyako do not suggest any yuri subtext on the part of Yuno towards her. Yuno has a 0 for the scene.

Scene 2: 02:51 - 03:08
C: Mi
Miyako knocks at Yuno’s door trying to wake her up. Her means of doing convey a friendship, but aren’t otherwise yuri, so Miyako gets a 0 here.

Scene 3: 03:15 - 04:20
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Yuno is diagnosed with a fever, attempts to show her friends she’s fit enough to go to school, and is put in bed by them. Like how Yuno’s yurilevels in this episode are mostly a product of her mental representations of the others, their yurilevels are mostly a product of the care and nurturing they give her to nurse her back to health. Here they seem about equally concerned for her, with Hiro and Sae getting extra yurilevels for telling her to stay home and patting her in bed respectively. They get 2 each, Miyako gets 1, and the still-delirious Yuno ends up with 0.

Scene 4: 04:22 - 04:26
C: Mi, Sa, Hi
The other characters give encouragements to Yuno as they leave for school. Miyako’s line is more matter-of-fact, simply telling Yuno they’re leaving, so she has a 0. Sae fits more closely with the aforementioned caring-type affection and gets a 1, while Hiro gets a 0 since, in the context of analyzing yuri subtext, there is probably no more disappointing line than “don’t take off your clothes.”

Scene 5: 04:34 - 07:54
C: Yu
The first part of Yuno’s fever dream, in which she goes to school. The other Hidamaris are portrayed here, but just their inclusion isn’t enough for yurilevels, so the main focus is in how they appear to her: Miyako makes mostly innocent poses, expressing a possibly idealized version of her in Yuno’s mind, Hiro expresses concern for her, expressing Yuno’s view of her as a caretaker, and Sae holds her hands against her hips sassily in three separate shots, expressing that Yuno sees her as a strong and independent woman who don’t need no man. For Yuno, these are all expressions of positive feelings towards them, somewhat friendly and somewhat yuri, and she gets a 2.

Scene 6: 08:00 - 09:22
C: Mi
Miyako strips Yuno while she’s asleep. It would be difficult to read anything but yuri out of her changing Yuno’s clothes and implicitly scrutinizing her nude body (finding a mole in the process). Combined with the nurturing aspects of her actions in the later half of the scene, Miyako more than qualifies for a 4 here.

Scene 7: 09:27 - 11:32
C: Yu
In her dream, Yuno goes to a factory and wanders down a street. There isn’t anything here that’s especially yuri, other than her thought that she should tell the others about a cake sale (which is fairly weak yuri anyways). She has a 0 for this scene.

Scene 8: 11:32 - 12:56
C: Yu, Ch
Yuno wakes up from her dream and reads messages on her phone from Chika and Sae. In general, text messages in Hidamari Sketch will fall under the Post-It guideline described in the Methodology since they’re frequently a convenient and quick means of exposition and either don’t affect the scene much or keep it on the path it’s already on. Sae’s message counts as these, since it sets up for the next scene, and so she isn’t included in this scene. Chika’s message differs in that it diverts the scene to a brief discussion about Valentine’s Day chocolate, which was enough of a change that Chika is included here. Her message is a thinly-veiled question about Yuno’s love life, but is casual enough that it only gets her a 1. Yuno’s response, to brush the question off, keeps her at a 0.

Scene 9: 13:00 - 14:01
C: Mi, Sa, Hi, Yo, Ka
Miyako, Sae, and Hiro visit the school nurse at the sick bay and find Yoshinoya there. The nurturing is mostly not present here or only implied, since much of the scene is a Yoshinoya joke. Sae comprises the bulk of what is there, so she gets a 1, and everyone else stays at 0.

Of special note about this scene is that the shots of Yoshinoya in the clinic bed at 13:30 and 13:36 were the specific examples used by the OP of the infamous “Is it possible to jerk off so much that you break your penis engine?” thread as pictures that caused his “nutbladder” to ache.

Scene 10: 14:03 - 14:27
C: Yu
Yuno remembers her childhood while resting. She imagines resting her head in her mother’s lap, but it’s an innocent image instead of a romantic one. 0 for the scene.

Scene 11: 14:27 - 19:55
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Miyako, Sae, and Hiro visit Yuno and take care of her. The scene compares their concern for Yuno to that of parents to a small child, which certainly shows strong bonds between them. Hiro gets slightly higher yurilevels than the rest for making food for her. Yuno is appreciative, not especially so but enough for some yurilevels. Later in the scene, Valentine’s Day chocolates are again discussed. Hiro says both that she’ll be making chocolates and that Sae will be receiving them, which, given how soon she mentions one after the other, are probably connected. Final yurilevel readings for the scene are 1 for Yuno, 2 for Miyako, and 3 for Sae and Hiro.

Scene 12: 19:56 - 20:14
C: Yu, Mi
Yuno goes back to sleep and Miyako sneaks in to make sure she’s doing well. A very sweet moment for Miyako, whose gentleness here in tucking Yuno a bit more tightly into bed gets her a 2. Yuno’s already asleep by then and can’t respond, so has a 0.

Scene 13: 20:16 - 21:24
C: Sa, Hi
Hiro and Sae run into each other as they leave things for Yuno and Hiro remembers how Sae took care of her when she was sick. Hiro’s gift of cake, while considerate, is out of convenience for her since she had the cake anyway, while Sae’s notes from last year would probably have been more work to find (unless she’s very organized, which is possible), so Sae has the advantage in yurilevels there. Both get substantial yurilevels from Hiro’s recollection of Sae spending all night with Hiro when she caught a cold, and from when they watch over Yuno as she sleeps, evoking a strong feeling of a parent-daughter relationship. Overall, they both get a 3.

Scene 14: 21:26 - 22:08
C: Yu
Yuno wakes up, having recovered from her fever. She expresses happiness from receiving the things the others left for her, but not quite gratitude. Together with the quick shot of her corkboard covered in pictures of her friends, she still gets a 1.

Final Yurilevel Readings: (both Aokis and Umes are out of 4):
Episode: 1.5996A

  1. Sae: 2.629U
  2. Hiro: 2.505U
  3. Miyako: 1.886U
  4. Chika: 1.000U
  5. Yuno: 0.498U
  6. Kuwahara: 0.000U
    Yoshinoya: 0.000U

Somewhat gayer than the previous episode, a result of the large amounts of nurturing-type yuri on display, the influence of which can be clearly seen in the division between Yuno’s fairly low Y and the other Hidamaris’ substantially higher Y. Readings as a whole are very strongly weighted by Scene 11, which makes up more than half of the total scene time for Miyako, Sae, and Hiro. Chika makes a strong showing for her first appearance, while Kuwahara doesn’t contribute anything substantially yuri for hers.

Further analysis will continue with Hidamari Sketch episode 6. 

Corrections: 1/27/13: Corrected misspelling of Kuwahara's name as "Kawahara."

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