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Hidamari Sketch x365 08

Hidamari Sketch x365 08 includes the four Hidamari residents, Yoshinoya, the Landlady, Natsume, and Kuwahara. The first half of the episode deals with the Yamabuki High School field day, and the second half is about the Hidamaris eating together after the field day.

Scene 1: 00:15 - 00:32
C: Yu
Yuno checks the weather and gets ready for the field day. No yuri to speak of.

Scene 2: 02:23 - 02:49
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako gives the player’s oath. Yuno encourages Miyako to do her best and then expresses disappointment when she messes it up, showing her encouragement was based in a genuine desire for Miyako to be successful, getting her a 2. Miyako gives the barest of responses and doesn’t get any reciprocal yurilevels, ending at 0.

Scene 3: 02:50 - 03:06
C: Yu, Sa, Hi
Yuno, Sae, and Hiro talk before the field day. Nothing in the scene strikes as anything more than friendly, so they all stay at 0.

Scene 4: 03:06 - 03:36
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Miyako joins the others. Yuno expresses her concerns that she is worthless, which is surprising to see since her total lack of self-worth had been mostly absent from the second season, and Hiro and Sae both attempt to convince her that she should focus on having fun. That wasn’t actually her concern, and seems to suggest they secretly do hold low expectations for Yuno (“yes, you will fail, but try to have fun when you’re failing”). That they tried at all gets them a 1, and since Yuno’s reaction isn’t shown she stays at 0. Miyako doesn’t do anything here and gets a 0 as well.

Scene 5: 03:36 - 03:56
C: Yu, Sa, Nt
Natsume engages in more trash talk with Sae. Unlike other appearances from Natsume, there isn’t ambiguity or yuri subtext in their interaction: both clearly strongly dislike each other, at least while it’s still field day. Yuno desperately tries to remind Sae to have fun, and since Yuno seems to have taken Sae and Hiro’s advice at face value it can be assumed she actually wants Sae to enjoy herself, getting her a 2 for earnestness.

Scene 6: 03:56 - 04:06
C: Yo
Yoshinoya cheer leads (cheerleads?). Her dancing and cheer doesn’t suggest yuri, so she gets a 0.

Scene 7: 04:14 - 04:38
C: Yu, Sa, Hi
Yuno participates in the borrowing race. She is distracted by her item, an adorable dog whose unspecified gender doesn’t help or hurt her yurilevels. Sae and Hiro watch from the side and Sae shouts encouragements; her disappointment at Yuno’s short attention span doesn’t hurt her since it was already shown she expected Yuno to fail. Sae gets 1, Hiro gets 0 since she doesn’t do anything similarly encouraging, and Yuno stays at 0.

Scene 8: 04:40 - 04:54
C: Yu, Mi
Miyako participates in the hurdles race. Yuno’s attempts to redirect Miyako through the tape at the end shows her desire for Miyako to do well in the event and gets her a 1 since it’s not necessarily a yuri sentiment. Miyako doesn’t respond and remains with a 0.

Scene 9: 04:54 - 05:23
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris participate in a team event apparently inspired by prison chain gangs. Their talking about various ways to count isn’t a very yuri conversation, but they do get yurilevels for reasons that will be clarified in the next scene, ending with 4 each.

Scene 10: 05:23 - 05:26
C: Nt
Natsume curses the Red Team. She complains that even though the Hidamaris are chatting merrily, they don’t fall over, where presumably a regular team would have to carefully coordinate their motions through the sort of synchronized shouting the Hidamaris were chatting about. It suggests a deep (if not necessarily romantic) connection between the Hidamari residents, one strong enough that they can think and move as one unit, which is why they got 4s before. Here, Natsume does nothing but convey anger at them, keeping her at 0.

Scene 11: 05:29 - 05:45
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Miyako’s idea to win one of the field day events ends with balls smacking against Yuno’s behind. The close physical contact required by Miyako’s plan increases everyone’s yurilevels, and everyone ends with 2 except Miyako, who gets a 3 for coming up with the strategy.

Scene 12: 05:50 - 06:44
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris eat lunch in the forest. Nothing in the conversation here suggests yuri, and everyone ends with 0.

Scene 13: 06:44 - 07:33
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi, La
The Landlady joins the Hidamaris for lunch. Yuno politely introduces herself to the Landlady, and the Landlady doesn’t appear to take notice, so neither one’s yurilevels are impacted. Later, when the Landlady mentions her debts (she mentions a shopping spree, which could really refer to anything), Hiro offers her food, displaying a fear that the Landlady is in trouble and an attempt to do whatever she can to keep her comfortable before the Yakuza finds her. It gets her a 1. The Landlady, who hasn’t done anything to suggest yuri throughout the scene, stays at 0, as do the remaining characters.

Scene 14: 07:35 - 07:51
C: Mi, Sa, Hi
Hiro participates in a variety of events. According to the scale shown briefly in the scene, Hiro apparently weighs approximately 150 kilograms (330 pounds), which probably plays no small part in why her team was winning the pole-pulling-down game*. At one point she uses her 330-pound bulk to physically force a player off of her seat in musical chairs; the contact between their hips and Hiro’s ruthless drive to win mostly cancel out and leave her with only a slight increase in yurilevels, giving her a 1 overall. Sae tells Miyako not to mention this to Hiro, which could be either Sae displaying an understanding of Hiro’s insecurities or simple common sense. She gets a 1, Miyako stays at 0.

Scene 15: 07:53 - 08:22
C: Yu, Sa
Yuno and Sae anticipate the upcoming relay race. Sae tries to cheer up Yuno by placing an arm around her shoulder and promising her that she’ll have a comfortable lead before getting the baton. The physical nature of her reassurance bumps her up to a 3, while Yuno only gets a 1 for neither rejecting her nor noticeably responding.

Scene 16: 08:29 - 08:47
C: Mi, Sa, Hi
Miyako, Sae, and Hiro run in the relay race. Since they do nothing else, they remain at 0 each, not even earning levels for possibly masculine lesbianism since their clothes and actions are expected of the field day.

Scene 17: 08:53 - 09:12
C: Sa, Yo
Yoshinoya coups the broadcasting system. She immediately uses her power to draw attention to Sae’s flat chest, speaking of it as if it’s the only thing about her meriting notice. This focus on her breasts gets Yoshinoya a 4, while Sae, who clearly dislikes the attention, gets a 0.

Scene 18: 09:12 - 10:34
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Yuno runs in the relay. Her self-motivation doesn’t incorporate any other people, just focusing on her need to give her best, so her yurilevels are limited here. While they watch, Miyako, Sae, and Hiro shout encouragements from the sideline, with Miyako being the most active in doing so, suggesting her relationship with Yuno is stronger than the other Hidamaris’ relationships with her, a theory that holds some merit given Yuno is generally seen to interact more than Miyako than other characters. When Yuno finishes the race in first place, Sae and Hiro hug each other in the excitement. Hiro’s arms close around Sae’s body while Sae’s arms don’t do the same around Hiro, and the increased physical contact on the part of Hiro raise her yurilevels more than Sae’s. Additionally, Hiro has her arms underneath Sae’s shoulders, placing herself in a submissive position, tying in to the image of Hiro submissive to Sae which has been seen several times in the series. Yuno rejoins the others and has her head patted by either Sae or Hiro (the image is unclear and the placement of the hand could let it be owned by either one), but since Sae has patted Yuno’s head more often than Hiro has and the fingers appear to be slender, something expected more from Sae than Hiro, it’s assumed Sae is patting her head, getting her and Yuno yurilevels for physical intimacy. Overall readings give Hiro and Sae 4 each, Yuno and Miyako 2 each.

Scene 19: 10:34 - 11:15
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi, Yo
Yoshinoya pulls the Red Team together for their ceremonial song. She ties Yuno’s singing apron**, likely to be out of a desire for neat uniformity among the students rather than a desire to dress Yuno. Other than that there isn’t especially apparent yuri in the scene, so everyone ends with 0.

Scene 20: 11:25 - 13:18
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris unwind with snacks. Sae asks Yuno if she’s tired from the field day, showing an interest in how she feels, and expresses concern to Hiro that the sweets would undo any benefits from exercise she would have had from the field day, displaying a concern for her well-being. The actions give her a 2 overall, but other than that there’s nothing to speak of in this scene (aside from how terrifying the talking kanji are) and the rest get 0s.

Scene 21: 13:20 - 13:37
C: Yo, Ka
Kuwahara deals with an unwanted guest. When she tears the hospital bed covers away from Yoshinoya, she covers her breasts with her arms and jokingly calls Kuwahara “pervert” (えっち, “ecchi”). Though it could be another manifestation of her hyperthymia, Yoshinoya has very rarely displayed such a direct instance of sexual teasing towards a specific, female target (her sexuality is usually displayed toward her mixed-gender students) and thus she gets yurilevels normally here. Her flirting propels her to a 4, though since Kuwahara doesn’t respond, instead expressing disappointment, she gets a 0.

Scene 22: 13:39 - 14:28
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
There is more discussion of field day. Miyako, Sae, and Hiro openly laugh at Yuno’s various failures during the events, and Yuno eventually joins them in a display of the detrimental effect of bullying on self-perception. The characters spend the scene remembering events from the day and laughing at Yuno, so there aren’t any opportunities for yuri here and everyone gets 0.

Scene 23: 14:36 - 14:57
C: Yo
Yoshinoya attempts to defeat the principal, not realizing that all such efforts are inherently doomed. There’s nothing yuri in her actions, and stays at 0.

Scene 24: 14:57 - 16:09
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris talk about the results of the field day. They praise each other’s performances, with the longest compliments being Hiro’s praise of Sae and Miyako’s praise of Yuno, neatly fitting established relationships. Hiro says that Sae carried the team, conveying a great respect for her abilities, while Miyako effusively compliments Yuno’s show in the relay, ending up scant inches from her face. The added physical element of it gives Miyako a 3, while Hiro gets a 2; Sae and Yuno each get one for being grateful but not notably reciprocating.

Scene 25: 16:11 - 16:36
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi, Nt
Natsume responds to the field day results. She is brought to tears by losing, and it’s equally likely she’s upset that her team lost as she is that she personally lost to Sae. It’s been established previously that Natsume is continually trying to establish dominance over Sae, though any possible connection to the yuri feelings she displays toward Sae at other times has not been established. As such, she remains at 0 for the scene. Sae doesn’t display any such ambiguity, and her naked displays of aggression keep her at 0, while the others, who barely contribute, all get 0s as well.

Scene 26: 16:36 - 17:12
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
Miyako runs out of snacks. Sae complains that she doesn’t understand Natsume’s behaviors, demonstrating a thickness that better explains her readings in some scenes and holds her down here. Yuno warns Miyako not to overindulge in snacks, showing a desire for her health that gives her a modest increase. Hiro offers to make dinner for everyone, and though it could possibly be displaying her maternal role it’s not evident enough to affect her here. Yuno ends with 1, the others end with 0.

Scene 27: 17:15 - 19:34, 19:46 - 21:37
C: Yu, Mi, Sa, Hi
The Hidamaris head to Hiro’s apartment for dinner, contemplate their inescapable mortality, and talk yet more about the field day. Sae says to Miyako that she did well in the field day, getting her a slight increase for her compliment. Miyako then tells Yuno she performed well in the relay, a sentiment she’s expressed a few times already in the episode; this repetition conveys Miyako is very impressed and happy with Yuno’s performance, suggesting an admiration that can easily be interpreted as yuri. When an ad for candy runs, Sae notes that they saw it earlier in the year, though the remembrance isn’t especially fond or personal, being mostly matter-of-fact, so it doesn’t impact her yurilevels. When everyone finishes eating, Yuno makes an unprompted offer to help Hiro with cleaning, showing a sympathy for her and desire to lighten her burdens that increases her readings. She never gets to help, since Sae steps in to tell Hiro to go to bed, similarly showing a concern for Hiro. Before she leaves, Yuno suggests to a half-asleep Miyako that she should take a bath, which may or may not be indicative of a desire for Miyako to be nude (that said, during the other times Miyako has been nude, Yuno doesn’t pay much attention). Miyako bolts back awake and once again tells Yuno how well she did in the relay, showing that her positive thoughts of Yuno were her main thought at the time, and Yuno conveys what is likely a yuri embarrassment since it doesn’t suggest shame. Overall, Miyako has 3, Yuno has 2, Sae has 1, and Hiro has 0.

Scene 28: 21:47 - 22:08
C: Yu
Yuno reflects on the field day. She contentedly says that she was glad to have done her best, but there’s no specification why she’s glad about this, whether it’s a fleeting bolster to her non-existent self-esteem or because she was glad to not let down her friends. As such, it doesn’t affect her yurilevels and she ends with 0.

Final Yurilevel Readings: (both Aokis and Umes are out of 4):
Episode: 1.0602A

  1. Miyako: 1.406U
  2. Yoshionya: 1.333U
  3. Sae: 1.195U
  4. Yuno: 1.041U
  5. Hiro: 0.777U
  6. Landlady: 0.000U
    Natsume: 0.000U
    Kuwahara: 0.000U

Modest readings here, about on par with the first episodes of the season but a significant drop from the previous few. Yuri was well-spread throughout the episode, with the first half contributing about 0.52 Aokis and the second half contributing 0.54, so the episode was one of the more consistent ones of the season. Miyako received high readings in the scenes where she had yurilevels, while Hiro’s and Yuno’s comparatively light but more frequent yurilevels didn’t help them here. Yoshinoya had what was likely her strongest reading ever from getting two 4s, though I expect it will end up being an outlier compared to the total set of her readings.

Further analysis will continue with Hidamari Sketch x365 09.

*: The English text given on screen is “a game involving pulling a pole down.” Other events have a more succinct translation, so the game is likely a Japanese creation with no English equivalent.
**: I still don’t know what this is.

1/27/13: Corrected misspellings of Kuwahara's name as "Kawahara."
8/24/13: Yamabuki High School was initially mislabed as "Yamabuki Academy." The name has been corrected.

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